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Top Secret: 10 rules for a style affair

Sometimes you just love twice … So we have ten secret rules on how to conduct a style affair. But do not betray … Surely you love your partner,

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Sometimes you just love twice … So we have ten secret rules on how to conduct a style affair. But do not betray …

Surely you love your partner, but you are planning a affair with style or may already be multi-tracked …? Then we have some top secret rules. Because sometimes life is less about morality, but about your zest for life.

But beware! Conduct a style affair so as not to hurt anyone. Especially not your own heart …

Here’s the big picture show with all the tips for a successful affair with style!

Rule for a style affair : socializing in public

If your affair lives in a different city than your permanent partner: allowed. Otherwise, it is very brave of you, if you in public places, in the bus or in the supermarket ausknutschen. Because the likelihood that your partner will catch you, may be low. But most likely you will be seen by your millions of acquaintances or mutual friends. Or someone who knows you about three corners on Facebook . Or a person who usually sees you happy with family on the playground on Sundays. No, prefer to look longingly and kiss in the backyard …

Rule for an affair with style: restaurant visits

They are of course allowed. After all, you could be platonic friends, work colleagues or cousins. Whether chic Italian or snack stand it does not matter, because culinary delights may like to divide Affärenmenschen and publicly celebrate. The only question is how you touch while eating. An affair with style is based, as the name suggests, not just on s3xually irrepressible passion. You should also be able to talk to your affair , laugh or be silent. All this goes well in the restaurant ! And as a dessert, you can then snack on the hotel room or with her …

Rule for an affair with style: meet friends

Do not! Unless the opinion of her best friend is up to you and you need to know if divorce is worth it. But otherwise you should try in an affair with style, as little real life (and especially your friends include) as possible to share. Otherwise you will quickly run the risk of everything flying open. However, it is clear that you have to trust someone. A best friend. But please do not drag the affair on his birthday party.

Rule for an Affair with Style: Partner

Communication You should always report, but never more conspicuous, than before your affair with style. In fact, if you’ve recently been sending “Sweetheart, I love you” SMS after work, while you are officially hanging out in the business meeting but are about to move out, then someone will surely be suspicious … In an affair with style just keep going like before. Also applies to s3x with the partner. Sadly, you have to get through it, but who you think about it, at least nobody can read that.

Rule for an affair with style: confession of love

By that we do not mean the partner (see Rule No. 4!), But the affair wife. Do you really love them or just the idea of ​​a completely different life model? As soon as you open your heart to an unclothed person, you awaken hopes with your counterpart. Do not be unfair. Tell (as 80 percent of men who women desire) “You are a great and funny woman and we can be friends with touch, but unfortunately I can not fall in love with you right now.” Of course, women do not want to hear that kind of thing. But be sure to meet them anyway. At least with 80 percent probability.

Rule for an Affair with Style: Office Affair

Never mess around at work! Not even if you are the chief boss of the company or owner of a pub and fired into your bartender. Avoid collusion with colleagues wherever possible. Because you may not notice it during the affair , but what if the affair ended in style with no style? Then you have the salad and are confronted with it forever. Better lead a strictly secret affair . It’s also good for s3xual passion, because we all know we look more desirable when we’re not that easy. Also not in the copy room. Or in your executive chair.

Rule for an affair with style: vacation

Mostly, affair people can only allow extended weekends. But a romantic getaway to Paris or to the Baltic Sea can be like balm on the soul. Especially when the coverlet is at home and you are unhappy in your existing relationship. But you have to make the switch from falling in love to lostness without your partner noticing your s3xual recovery. And do not be too suspicious that you’re flying to Paris with a buddy. As you stylish with an affairfly on vacation? Well. Think of it as a vacation from everyday life. But not as a permanent condition. And hide your rest on Sunday evening, when you sit down annoyed next to your partner on the home sofa to look like always together “crime scene”.

Rule for an Affair with Style: Prevention

Always, of course, not just during your affair with style. After all, you do not want a baby outside of your relationship. Unfortunately, alimony is not so easy to hide as s#x outside the marriage. Also for venereal diseases, however, is that you should always think of your affair crunching a proper contraception! As a man and as a woman. In the case of the ladies, however, it is never necessary to act without style and to put a baby on the affair man. He will not part with you for that! And it would be no pleasure for your child to learn that his parents once had an affair with style.

Rule for an Affair with Style: Venture Polyamory

For the brave among you! After all, there are only two options after weeks or months or years of a functioning affair with style. Once rule number 10, which we explain the same, or this one: confess the truth and officially love multi-track! But that only helps transparency. All over. In all areas of life. In front of friends, the family, the children. Maybe not necessarily in the office. But then you can finally rumknutschen at the stop or holding hands in the restaurant . The latter goes well with the Italians to third. And your heart will be relieved too.

Rule for an affair with style: Stylish abandon

When the affair in style comes in danger of becoming styleless: pull ripcord! And leave one of both persons. The decision for the supposed “right” remains with you, your instinct or your brain. But go and go with style. Confuse mistakes instead of slamming the door. You always meet twice. And to leave the partner for an affair with style, you can at some point regret. Exactly how your supposedly great love did not shoot in the wind for your affair .
Or leave them both, go on a trip around the world and fall in love with yourself. Because being true to oneself is the only true love!