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So sad

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Texas Democrats Call For Sen. Ted Cruz’s resignation for ‘Acting In Bad Faith’
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So sad

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    ugottabekiddingmee 4 months ago

    Trump had such an easy shot at a second term. All he had to do was let the experts take control. It’s like he entered a sled dog race, shot all the dogs, harnessed himself to the sled and claimed everyone else was cheating because he lost. It’s easy to understand how he could run a casino into the ground. He is a control freak that doesn’t trust anyone to do their jobs. I wonder why he thinks like that? (Hint: it’s because he can’t be trusted to do his job and he’s projecting that into everyone else, like always)

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    Rio-Styx 4 months ago

    trump did get 100% of the “dead mother” votes

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    MightyTHR0G 4 months ago

    He did it. He shot em on 5th avenue and they’re still supporting him. So strange

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    mackanj01 4 months ago

    As a person from outside the US when I first realised how bad Covid was going to be, one of my first thoughts was “well, that means another four years of Trump”.

    Seriously, it would have been so easy to become a “war time president” a couple speeches about how to “come together for america’s sake, and doing the patriotic duty for their nation” and he would have been reelected in a landslide.

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    Weltraumbaer 4 months ago

    If COVID wouldn’t mean the death of human beings it would be **the** political comedy of our century: loosing an election because you literally killed your voters.

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    Ixz72 4 months ago

    My girlfriend’s sister is a die hard Trumpster who loves to say that we did not have any wars under Trump. My girlfriend pointed out that the covid related deaths far outnumbered any American death count by any president in modern history.

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    rokr1292 4 months ago

    According to worldometers, Georgias total COVID-19 death count is 10,971. So even if ALL of those people were still alive, and ALL of them voted to re-elect the president, ~~and were all from the parts of Georgia that Trump would need them to be in,~~ it still wouldnt be enough.

    That said, it is worth acknowledging that experts have said that COVID-19 deaths are being undercounted.

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    katieleehaw 4 months ago

    He’s not just an idiot he’s a monster.

  • comment-avatar
    Schiffy94 4 months ago

    That’s 350,000 **Americans**.

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    rtbwmu 4 months ago

    Irony is older people being more likely to die from the Virus but also being more likely to vote for Trump.

  • comment-avatar
    jtig5 4 months ago

    10,600 Coronavirus death in Georgia. He literally killed off his voters.

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    whiskey_outpost26 4 months ago


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    Falry06 4 months ago

    Trump needs to dig at least one grave honestly.

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    jordan_d_808 4 months ago

    Well damn, where was this photo taken? Really puts things in perspective.

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    SafetyDanceInMyPants 4 months ago

    In fairness, Covid has only (“only”) killed 10,623 people in Georgia. So even if Raffensperger exhumed all of Trump’s victims and had them all vote for Trump, Trump would still lose.

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    SporkOfThor 4 months ago

    This best exemplifies Trump’s signature brand of “win”.

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