Had to drop off a form today at beautiful U. City city hall - Jokes Today

Had to drop off a form today at beautiful U. City city hall

Had to drop off a form today at beautiful U. City city hall View Reddit by BlkSunshineRdriguez – View Source

48yro hubby was SO excited to get his One Wheel yesterday. 24 hours later, his foot is in a cast
Thought this would be appreciated here
Bride Meatbun

Had to drop off a form today at beautiful U. City city hall

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    Trevor_Culley 4 months ago

    If you ever have a reason to be in there after COVID, it’s worth looking at the diorama on the other side. U City was angling to be a sort of midwestern National Mall 120 years ago, which is why there’s a cluster of neoclassical buildings at the end of the Loop.

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    stephm609 4 months ago

    First time seeing the inside, though I can’t help but crack up at the name of it any time I drive by: City of University City City Hall. Such a mouthful!

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    asarinn 4 months ago

    My dad used to work there before he retired. I’ve been up in the top where the giant spot light is

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    BradLee28 4 months ago

    Unreal architecture, what a gem!

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    I_Keep_Trying 4 months ago

    They used to do wedding receptions in there. Went once it was really nice.

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    TheForbiddenFool 4 months ago

    My Grandpa use to work there as a sheriff, it is very beautiful.

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    l355thanz3r0 4 months ago

    Truly beautiful building. Got a handjob there once.

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    matneym 4 months ago

    I have always wanted to go in there and photograph.

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    ThunderousOath 4 months ago

    Gorgeous building, *terrifying* elevators. Like ghetto Trek lifts.

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    ahscoot8519 4 months ago

    Worked a few floors up about 6 years ago. Really enjoyed my time there eventhough the political side of U city is wacky.

    Had a gorgeous view overlooking the loop, when the trolley wasn’t around. Still don’t know whatever happened to it.

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    That_one_cool_dude 4 months ago

    Those are some wild looking staircases it looks so freaking cool.

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    guitarbque 4 months ago

    How is that actually built?

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    coldafsteel 4 months ago

    Very pretty. Although if you think about it… All that money would have been better spent on something useful for the community; something like a street trolley. A way to really show off and bring people into the area. 🚋

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    JaksonPolyp 4 months ago

    Too bad the city govt. is a mess. They should really just disincorporate.

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    Castle_of_Frank 4 months ago

    Beautiful for sure,
    but I cannot unsee the toilet bowl seat

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    ArchCityHistory 4 months ago

    Thought this was the McCloskeys at first…

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