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Rihanna with new trend hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyle Rihanna has never happy set. But her new haircut seems the singer really love – whether it is the right one this time [...]

Kim Kardashian: She struggles against her nasty disease

Kim Kardashian as you know: Light clothed them lolling on the beach. But the reality star unfortunately under a terrible disease. Reality star K [...]

The new 2017 FORD GT

The new Ford GT is a vision. Innovation through performance outdoor impresses the new Ford GT by unprecedented design, eye-catching details and [...]

The scariest Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Straight but was still summer, now is already Halloween just around the corner. Because sometimes takes the Preparation for perfect Halloween pa [...]

Trump wants no Presidential salary

Donald Trump himself was not sure how much the President of the United States earned at all. “I think by law I have to assume a dollar, so I tak [...]

Bruce Arena returns to the post of US national coach

Bruce Arena’s Jürgen Klinsmann’s successor as coach of the United States. This was announced by the American Association of US Soccer on Tuesday [...]

Softbank plans to invest $ 50 billion in the US

The US President-elect Trump proudly announces plans for a multibillion major investment from Japan. 50,000 Jobs wants to create the head of the [...]

Kim Kardashian: S#xy Comeback in Dessous

Kim Kardashian in “Love” -Christmas Earlier gushed Kim Kardashian ( “Selfish”) Instagram feed on front s#xy snapsh [...]

Lexus IS LIT: This crazy Lexus is a raging disco ball!

Lexus covering a car with 41,999 LEDs for the probably most colorful light-trip of all time. If these rolling disco ball in traffic encountered, [...]

5 Technology Trends for 2017

The year is coming to an end and it is time to take a view of the coming year. That’s five technology trends that are the focus of the 2017th. T [...]
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