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Found an Funny Indian Joke and tried to translate it.

An Indian politician was visiting a foreigner politician. He saw foreigner politicians had a big house and 2 luxury cars. He askes him how is it [...]

The gorilla at the zoo likes to get deals at Amazon.

He's a Primeate View Reddit by Tune-Ok - View Source [...]

For my first cake day, I would like to share a truly terrible joke I heard from my brother

On the day my friend discovered my reddit account he couldn't believe his eyes. How had I got so much karma? He didn't think it possible. Naturall [...]

Your momma is so Fat…….

She uses pillowcases as socks!! What’s your best “ your momma “ joke?... I love these jokes. View Reddit by SimonSaysz01 - View Source [...]

What was the least trusted company in 2020?

Goodyear View Reddit by RandomlyBroken2 - View Source [...]

What happens when you get caught pooping in an elevator?

Shit goes down View Reddit by GlobalStupidity - View Source [...]

A new supermarket opened near my house.

It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh r [...]

Why doesn’t the nun wear a bra?

Because God supports everything. View Reddit by nikan69 - View Source [...]

[NSFW] The fairy’s wish

Once upon a time there was a farmer with 2 sons- 22 year old and 10 years old. Their only source of income was a cow, which suddenly died. The far [...]

Two prostitutes are standing on a corner.

One says, "Tonight is gonna be a good night. I can smell the dick in the air." The other says, "Sorry, I just burped." View Reddit by abhina9 [...]
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